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Complete Kite-System to power your boat.

Our kite systems make it possible to drive boats with the power of kites. The kite flying in windier heights of 25-150 meters and is pulling the boat with up to 10x the power of an equally large sail. Heart of the system is the WingCommander RC: a kite control system with electronic control that makes it very easy to control the kite. It can be installed inboard or outboard in various boat types. The control of the kites happens from a joystick or the autopilot from any point of the boat.


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Motor Boat

Drive greener, save gas!

Now cruising is a lot more fun

Electric Boat

Reach further and charge your batteries

Plan finally longer tours

 Sailing Boat

Modern sail fun

Set a new impulse

Beach Boat

More speed more fun

Join the new dimension of sailing

Green Power in your hands!

Assume responsibility for nature and resources now!

Using Kites for boat propulsion saves the nature and replaces scarce resources with clean energy.


Some examples of usage:



Airon Marine 41

Airon Marine 41    Lenght: 12,5m/41ft Weight: ca.12t Engine: 2x 400PS Consumption: 100-120l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:5-9knt Kitesize: Read More

Corsair 27

Corsair 27 Lenght: 8.25m Weight: ca.2t Sail area(conventional sail): aprox. 80qm cruising with Kite: Wind:6-8knt Kitesize: 13.5qm Lines: 140m Speed: Read More

Bertram 46.6

Bertram 46.6  Lenght: 14,99m/49ft Weight: ca.25t Engine: 2x 600PS Consumption: 100-150l/h Cruising with Kitesail(without engine support): Wind:8-12knt Kitesize: 7sqm Lines: Read More
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